3 Treasures and Six Healing sounds - active set Qigong
6 week course
starts Friday 6 February
9.30 –11 am at Bangalow
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3 day Personalised Qigong Retreats
Lennox Head / Byron Bay
Northern NSW Australia
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Private groups / Individual
training in Qigong Tai Chi, Breath,
Posture and Meditation
in Lennox Head
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Tea training
Regular times for
Making & Tea Appreciation Sessions
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Personalised Holiday Retreats

Over 3 days, you and up to two others can have personalised Qigong/ Tai Chi/ Meditation training and guidance, along with health treatments or lifestyle guidance sessions. Pre and follow-up phone consultations are included and compliment this Personalised Retreat held in Lennox Head (near Byron Bay), NSW, Australia.

Personalised Retreat Holidays in other countries as well as Japan, China, New Zealand and elsewhere in Australia are - negotiable.

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Sacred Mountains of China Itinerary
China is the perfect place to experience, learn about and enhance your vital energy (Qi/ Chi/ Ki), allow yourself to be mindful, intentional and relaxed (Tea Ceremony), contemplate and enjoy stillness, peace and serenity (Buddhist and Daoist temples). And of course, be enthralled by the delights of China’s ancient and sacred heritages, it’s famous cuisine and vibrant culture. Improve your health, wellbeing and centeredness by developing skills in regulating and maintaining vibrant energy with a calm mind through Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation, Tea and Stillness practices.

Discover more about yourself, laugh and increase your health and wellbeing, while we:

  • Become vibrant with daily Qigong Tai Chi/ Meditation practices

  • Immerse yourself in becoming present and centered in authentic Chinese Tea Ceremonies

  • Marvel at traditional and modern Chinese culture and performance

  • Experience the delicious and famous tastes of Chinese cuisine

  • Get acquainted with Chinese Tea types and how best to make them

  • Be uplifted by the refreshing forests of the mountains

  • Stay in a Daoist mountain monastery

  • Meander through the old cultural streets of Chengdu at Jin Li St

  • Play with Qi and drink Tea in China’s famous parks

  • Feel the peace and tranquillity of Buddhist and Daoist Temples

These Holiday Retreats and Trainings provide a wonderful way to nurture and enhance your own energy (Qi) whilst experiencing many beautiful, special and ancient/ historical places. Every day you will be able to develop skills in regulating and maintaining vibrant energy with a calm mind through Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation and Tea practices.


Qigong Holiday Retreats

Qigong Retreats

      Have Fun and Be…

Uplifted and Refreshed, Energised and Centred

Come join Suzanne and colleagues for a replenishing, peaceful and re-energising time in one of the many Qigong holiday retreats. A variety of different Qigong and Tai Chi Retreats will be on offer throughout 2013, where you can learn, practise and play with techniques to reduce stress and promote health and healing. Feel restored and experience Vital Energy (Qi) with a Relaxed and Calm, Body and Mind.

A Retreat Holiday
It’s refreshing to give yourself the opportunity to take stock, reflect, to see and experience in a new way, to move stuck-ness and gather resources. This personal journey is the gift of a Retreat. It is the ideal opportunity to ‘re-treat’ yourself – take the time for a fix-up treatment, experience and learn new life practices, focus, refine and enhance your current lifestyle or maybe a ‘thank me treat’ for enjoying who we are.

Each of us have our own reasons for this ‘time in’ with ourselves, and we offer beautiful and contrasting environments for you to have this time to yourself or share some of it with a friend.  We offer Holiday Retreats that vary from meeting up for daily classes in amazing places like the Zen temple gardens in Kyoto Japan, to relaxing in the quiet and beauty of the mountains and seascapes in New Zealand. From informal classes to having your days organised and scheduled for you, the range of retreats will vary throughout the year.

Suzanne is also now offering Personalised Health and Wellbeing Qigong Retreats in her coastal home area of Lennox Head / Byron Bay in Northern NSW. Renowned internationally for its surf and beaches, this beautiful part of Australia, abounds in Nature with rainforests and coastal vistas. With Byron being the most easterly point in Australia, this area is the first place that sees the sun rise on this big Country.

Lennox Headland

When you experience a Retreat or training with us, you will gain confidence in the Qigong / Tai Chi forms that are explored and learnt during our time together. This will assist and enable you to easily incorporate them into your life when you get home. For reference we also provide you with notes that contain many of the Qigong / Tai Chi forms and exercises that you would've learnt and played with during your Retreat / Training and other relevant information that you will enjoy.


Qi, Tea and the Stunning Mountains of Wuyi Shan - Qigong/ Tai Chi and Tea Training Holiday Retreat  - April 2014
Be replenished deep down in Qi rich places that since ancient times have nourished China’s spiritual heritages and tea development and cultivation with Suzanne Rienits and local english speaking teachers and guides. The vistas and vital energy of China’s stunning UNESCO designated mountain reserve of Wuyi Shan in Fujian province are breathtaking and renewing, an optimum place for you to play and develop your vital energy with Qigong. The mountains are part of the cradle of where Qi cultivation, longevity and wellbeing practices began and the discovery of tea’s unique contribution to human-kinds healthcare and pleasure arose.

Imbibe many a premium and organic type of tea, experience and learn the ritual of Gong Fu Cha Dao Tea Ceremony, soak up the atmosphere of tea houses, wander amongst the tea trees in the mountains and become tranquil and renewed in inspirational vistas.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact Suzanne to register your interest by clicking here.





Past Retreats in Asia

In 2007, we had an amazing time in the Angkor Wat Temple Complexes and Siem Reap in Cambodia. Participants came from Ireland, England, New Zealand, South Africa, France and Australia. It was very interesting in experiencing the different feelings of Qi in each of the ancient temples. And it was a very ‘hot’ weather experience as well! Perhaps at another time of year next time.

Suz with student group

A 'Spiritual Japan Holiday Retreat' Qi, Tea and Zen gardens was experienced with Tea Ceremony master Margaret Price and Qigong teacher Suzanne Rienits in September/ October 2009. During that time in Japan, Suzanne met with local English speaking guides and workshop teachers, revisited and discovered more special places in the Alps and around the Kansai region. This helped to provide the basis for the wonderful itinerary that became - ‘Exquisite Japan’ – Cherry Blossom, Qi & Tea.

Cherry BlossomsHeld just after Easter in April 2010, the small group were fortunate to experience the peak of the Cherry blossoms in many places including a large Japanese Tea Ceremony gathering in Matsumoto castle surrounded by blossom and snow clad mountains. Such beauty and tranquillity were experienced in the gardens and temples along with ease as we soaked in the natural hot baths (onsens). Tasting and learning about Tea (and its sweet accompaniments) came in many ways, from grinding our own Matcha (powdered green tea), making Hojicha (roasted tea), to learning how all the different types of Japanese Tea are grown and processed along with how best to make each type. A new world opened not just in becoming more aware of our Qi and ways of cultivating it, but of Tea itself and the Meditative Ceremonies that accompany it.

In November 2011, a colourful feast of Maple leaves draped our passage through the Maples, Qi (Ki) and Tea Training and Holiday Retreat. Centered again around the Kansai region (Kyoto/ Nara/ Uji) and Kanazawa, we played with Qi in many a Zen and natural setting and explored the world of Japanese Tea. From making our own hojicha to visiting tea plantations, being inspired and deeply at peace in Tea ceremonies and exquisite gardens through to Ippodo Tea Company’s comprehensive Tea workshops, our small group delighted in the richness of Tea, ceramics, wagashi (tea sweets), and beautiful nurturing tranquil places. Feeling and playing with Qi, learning new Qigong forms, being awed by nature’s palette and enjoying the Zen temples and Shinto shrines (and the delicious vegetarian temple cuisine), these 8 days imprinted life time memories on its participants.



Retreat ideas for corporate business, organizations and groups

Corporate / organizational and group Retreats can also be arranged, with designing the Qigong / Tai Chi, Stress management and lifestyle content, Body bliss/ massage/ other consultations/treatments and information talks according to your requirements. 

Below are some Qigong Retreats that have been requested.

Qigong for Peak Performance – Whether you’re a high-flying executive, an athlete, musician, professional, parent or wanting to maximize doing what you love, give yourself the time and space to re-fine and hone your ability to be at your peak, along with a sustained energy. Qigong forms, deep relaxation/ active rest, body and mind alignments and appropriate nourishment all contribute to getting you where and how you truly want to be with ease.

Women’s Recovery – This is for women: recovering from ill health, trauma, burn out, menopause, relationship changes, role changes in life such as retirement / employment change, empty-nest syndrome (children leaving home) or for those wanting to have the space to catch up with themselves.

Specific Qigong forms for Womens health, re-learning to ‘fill up one’s own well’, actively Resting, delicious and nourishing food and information that rebuilds your body, mind/emotions and your spirit, re-generating Day spa and natural therapy sessions and importantly our time is peppered with joy, fun and laughter!

Re-discovering your Yumminess and beyond…How to feel Yummy again to ourselves. Find the juicy-ness back in life and nurture your sensuality, whilst learning to use your sexual energy for creating what you would like in life. If you relate to having felt stuck, dry, parched, frozen or that life is/ can be dull, discover how to get clear and into the Flow.

A range of Qigong forms for moving Stuck Qi (Vital energy), getting ‘in the Flow’ along with Play, Joy, Creativity and Fun. We explore balance and how to build it into our lifestyle, great food sustenance tips and super foods that will re-build your body, mind/emotions and your spirit along with Day spa and natural therapy sessions to pamper and nourish you.



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