3 Treasures and Six Healing sounds - active set Qigong
6 week course
starts Friday 6 February
9.30 –11 am at Bangalow
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3 day Personalised Qigong Retreats
Lennox Head / Byron Bay
Northern NSW Australia
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Private groups / Individual
training in Qigong Tai Chi, Breath,
Posture and Meditation
in Lennox Head
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Tea training
Regular times for
Making & Tea Appreciation Sessions
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What is Qigong, Chi Gong or is it Chi Kung?

Qigong, Chi Gong or is it Chi Kung?
Different spellings, same meaning. It’s pronounced ‘chee goong’ meaning ‘training the breath’, or ‘cultivating the Vital energy’ (Qi). ‘Qigong’ is the official Chinese westernised spelling (pin yin) of this Ancient Chinese health promoting practice(s).

What can it do for me?
Qigong can strengthen your health, prevent and treat disease and cultivate wellbeing and longevity. It can also build up stamina and energy whilst calming the mind. It requires no equipment and you can practise it anytime, anywhere –lying, sitting, standing or walking.

There are hundreds of styles of Qigong, so there is a self-healing exercise and technique to be found to suit every age and all levels of fitness or for treating ill health. So, whether you’re a top athlete, Ms/Mr Average, bedridden, or in your early or later years of life, there are specific Qigong techniques for you.

Common benefits that occur when practising Qigong regularly are: Having more energy, Maintaining better health, Improving posture and breath control, Feeling lighter, happier and less stressed, Being confident, Cultivating a clear, calm mind and strong body, Finding and staying in your Centre, Making decisions with greater clarity and wisdom, Increasing productivity and Being in tune with others.

How is it done?
It is an art that combines aerobic conditioning, meditation and relaxation, without extreme physical exertion. If you’ve seen people practising Tai Chi (slow, calm, gentle and circular movements), you know what some Qigong will look like when observed. Tai Chi can be practised as one of Qigong’s moving forms. All Qigong styles are based on common principles of balance, relaxation, healthy breathing and good posture. This wholistic practise includes healing postures, movement, self massage, breathing and meditation techniques which can be practised in standing, sitting and lying down positions.

Qigong techniques can be divided into dynamic/ active and tranquil/ passive forms. Dynamic is obvious in movement, yet it conceals that internally the mind is quiet, peaceful and at rest. Tranquil Qigong is where the entire body is still yet the breath is moving and the mind is alert actively directing and watching the Qi (life energy).

What does it feel like?
“I feel energised AND calm” in a surprised tone is a common expression from new Qigong participants.

What participants have to say

It’s so refreshing to feel centered and calm at last. It definitely is making a difference on how I am handling the pressure at work, and I’m enjoying my home life more.- Chris

Qigong really improved my health and wellbeing in noticeable ways, almost as soon as I started practising. Suzanne really helped me with posture and the way I used my body. - Vicki R

If you are needing uplifting, releasing stress, better breathing, letting go of tensions and having wellbeing, I recommend phoning Suzanne and just DO IT! - (‘Uplift’ Qigong student)

There was great value in matching specific practices to specific conditions happening in my body. I have more ease in my health and more awareness especially in my posture.- Vicki (Personal Qigong training)

With a few simple techniques I feel I can cope with anything! – Dena

I enjoyed my Qigong sessions with Suzanne as she is very patient and experienced with a good dose of humour thrown in. Plus the sessions had a very noticeable beneficial effect straight away. - Gwen (Personal Qigong training)

It was great to learn new ways of moving and feeling energy in my body. The pace of activities was good, and the explanation about them and what was happening was very helpful. - Peter

Excellent program and level for those needing a gentle form of exercise to begin getting the body back on track again...especially if there are medical issues involved. Subtle but beneficial changes felt and ongoing improvement noted! Thank you. - RG

It has made a big difference to my health and wellbeing. My relationship with my daughter has improved. Thank you for an inspiring and enjoyable class. - ('Uplift' Qigong program participant)

Thank you, You make it all simple yet thorough. This has changed my life! - ('Energise' Qigong student)

It is a very powerful but subtle experience of the self and its energies. A good way to get to know oneself more. – GJ

I feel a journey starting… ('Uplift' Qigong student)



Qigong Classes and Workshops

   Renew and Energise

           Feel Calm, Have Ease, Energy and Comfort

                      in your Body and Mind.

Qigong and Tai Chi Classes


Regular Classes suitable for both Beginners and Experienced practitioners are held in Bangalow and Lennox Head in Far Northern New South Wales, Australia. Seminars and week-end workshops, along with Retreats are available in different locations.

Different focused sets of active and passive styles of  Qigong programs and also individual tuition is offered by Suzanne Rienits. No matter what form you practice or begin to learn, it is important to review and hone the basic principles used throughout all Qigong and Tai Chi practices. For passive meditative styles, posture, breath and mind focus is also very important and Suzanne offers private tuition and a yearly workshop in exploring these from sitting (floor and chair), standing, walking and lying down positions.


Current classes – Friday 6 February 2015

Bangalow - 3 Treasures and Six Healing sounds - active set Qigong
Cultivate abundant health and vibrancy, and improve your organ functions and immune system with the Three Treasures (Crane, Turtle and Deer) breathing set and the 6 healing sounds active Qigong set. They are easy to learn AND are deep acting on your body, mind and spirit.
Join us for an uplifting Friday morning in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.
6 week course starts Friday 6 February 9.30 –11 am
Fee: Initial 3 wks - $45, 6 wks - $80 or $15 per class.
Yogalates studio, Bangalow


Workshops and Training

Refreshed and Calm Qigong – Practices to relieve Sleep difficulties, Anxiety and Panic – TBA
Being able to release tension held in the body and mind can assist you in improving your rest and sleep, change how you feel in stressful situations and reduce/ relieve anxiety and panic.

In this workshop you will experience and learn techniques that can make an immediate difference in how you feel. We will practice Qigong exercises and acupressure that will release tension, induce calm and revitalise. Understanding how your posture and breathing is engaged especially in stressful situations will also be explored so that you can make a difference in how your bodily systems react. A range of simple methods for developing skills in deep relaxation and calming the nervous system will be included.

This workshop is suitable for:

  • Anyone wanting to be calm, refreshed, less stressed, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, health and generally function better
  • Health professionals (ie. Acupuncturists, Counsellors, Doctors, Massage therapists, Nurses, Psychologists, Trainers) who would like to gain more healing, relaxation and stress reducing techniques to enhance their clinical practice

Other annual workshops

Qigong Healing techniques Level 1

In this Level 1 training day of Medical Qigong, learn how to sense Qi (energy), assess what areas need balancing and give a Qi 'Wellness treatment' by using appropriate gestures and hand movements to move, cleanse and re-charge the Qi.

Participants will begin the day with learning how to balance and ground their own Qi, along with Qigong forms to develop sensitivity, and stay centered and 'charged' before working on another.

Suitable for health professionals (ie. Acupuncturists, Massage therapists, Counsellors, Physiotherapists) as professional development, who would like to gain more healing techniques to enhance their clinical practice and to strengthen and balance their own health.

Also for anyone wanting to develop skills to regulate their own health and promote healing, or help their family and friends.

Better Posture and Breath for Meditation,
Yoga, Qigong and Stillness practices

Optimising your practice posture can significantly improve your particular practice and how you feel during and after it. This will also relax and deepen your breathing, calm and focus your mind.

No matter what your Meditation or Stillness practice is, this workshop takes you through simple techniques that will make immediate changes to deepen your practice.

 This workshop will include:

  1. Fundamental Principles of correct body alignment for sitting (floor and chair), lying, standing and walking meditation postures.
  2. Practising posture principles to bring effective biomechanical alignment.
  3. Awareness techniques that allow you to recognise your common body usage holding patterns and how and where you store tension in your body.
  4. Discovering ways to release the tension to flow and move it out of the body.
  5. Techniques to cleanse the physical body of clogged energy and tension.
  6. Increased awareness of your breath. Methods that can lead you to dissolve stuckness and feel your whole body breathing as one.
  7. Spinal warm-ups and stretches from sitting, standing and lying positions.
  8. Shoulder girdle release.
  9. Releasing of the Kwa (muscles that connect the legs to the spine), and exercises to stretch the Kwa.
  10. Scanning of your physical, energetic, emotional and mental bodies.
  11. Methods to open up the energy channels in the body to make you physically stronger and energetically stable. This in turn can reduce distraction of the mind.

Beneficial for the experienced meditator and anyone who wants to make it easier to meditate/be still and enjoy a relaxed pain and stiffness-free bodymind  experience.

Balancing your Emotions with Qigong
In Chinese Medicine and Qigong theory, emotions can be viewed as Qi /Chi (vital energy) moving in different directions or becoming stagnant. Come and learn Qigong exercises using breath, visualisations, sound, acupressure and physical movements to aid in harmonising your emotions and help you shift from repetitive emotional patterns e.g. depression, anger, grief, anxiety, worry, fear, lack of confidence and loss of joy. Discover how different emotions affect the functioning of your organs, immune system and tensions that are held in your body.
Suitable for beginners and also those experienced with Qigong practices. It can also be an enrichment study for health professionals with an interest in keeping themselves emotionally resilient, building stress hardiness and to be able to renew vitality through their work day.


Personal Qigong Training

Take the opportunity to focus on your individual condition and needs. A selection of Qigong exercise and forms that are appropriate to where you are now, including specific posture adjustment/alignment and breath are explored. Personal tuition or small groups of up to 3 people are available in Lennox Head.

3, 5 and 9 program session packages are available.

This commitment provides clarity and flexibility on what the class contains and when and how frequent the classes are. For example you may prefer that there be three classes in a week, Once a week for three weeks or every fortnight. Times are by negotiation, and the first class is 1 ¼ hours, subsequent classes are 1 hour each.

Notes are included to help and encourage the daily practise of the Qigong learnt


1 Person

2-3 People

3 Sessions



5 Sessions



9 Sessions



Full payment is required at the beginning of the first session.


Your tutor
Since 1980, Suzanne has been studying, practising and teaching Bodywork / Massage Therapies, Acupuncture, Chinese & Natural Medicine, and Lifestyle & Stress management.

In 1989, she travelled to China for the first time for for post-graduate studies in Chinese Medicine and through a series of fortunate events found herself studying at the Guangzhou Qigong Atheletic Therapy Research Centre. She studied many Qigong forms with emphasis on Wujishi and Medical Qigong with Masters Fang Naili, Liang Jiansheng and Zhang Dexiang.

Over the years, Suzanne has explored a large range of different practices and in recent years she has enjoyed being influenced by Bisong Guo.

History of Teaching
From 1987 to 2004 Suzanne has been a Founder, Director and Principal of The Way College of Oriental Therapies & Bodywork, The Way School of Massage Therapies and Place of Healing / Place of Learning in Lismore and Byron Bay. She has written, taught and supervised in modules such as: Tuina (Chinese massage), Acupressure, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Theory and Diagnostic modules, Meridians, Experiential Body Awareness, Lifestyle and Stress Management, Qigong, Chinese Dietary Therapy, Women’s Health Bodywork and studies in Bodymind.

Prior to this she taught classes in Dance, Conditioning and Creative Vegetarian Cooking.

Suzanne Rienits