3 Treasures and Six Healing sounds - active set Qigong
6 week course
starts Friday 6 February
9.30 –11 am at Bangalow
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Private groups / Individual
training in Qigong Tai Chi, Breath,
Posture and Meditation
in Lennox Head
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Tea training
Regular times for
Making & Tea Appreciation Sessions
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Welcome to Way of Wellness and Being!

We provide information and resources on:

Suzanne Rienits and her fellow Health Professionals offer a dynamic and vast array of healing modalities and opportunities to improve your health and wellbeing and to to explore Qi/ Chi/ Ki cultivation in everyday life.

They are located in the beautiful coastal area of Lennox Head / Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. Workshops and Retreats take place in Australia, Japan, China and New Zealand.

Qigong Classes - Qigong, Chi Gong or is it Chi Kung? Find out more about this Ancient Chinese Health practice. There is information on the latest classes held in Bangalow and Lennox Head, as well the benefits on choosing to have personal tuition.

Qigong Holiday Retreats and Trainings - It’s refreshing to give yourself the opportunity to take stock, reflect, to see and experience in a new way, to move stuck-ness and gather resources. This personal journey is the gift of a Retreat. It is the ideal opportunity to ‘re-treat’ yourself – take the time for a fix-up treatment, experience and learn new life practices, focus, refine and enhance your current lifestyle or maybe a ‘thank me treat’ for enjoying who we are.

Each of us have our own reasons for this ‘time in’ with ourselves, so besides Retreats that are offered from time to time in places like Japan, China and New Zealand, Suzanne is now offering Personalised Qigong Retreats in her coastal home area of Lennox Head / Byron Bay in Northern NSW. Renowned internationally for its surf and beaches, this beautiful part of Australia, abounds in Nature with rainforests and coastal vistas.

Over 3 days, you and up to two others can have personalised Qigong/ Tai Chi/ Meditation training and guidance, along with health treatments or lifestyle guidance sessions. Pre and follow-up phone consultations are included and compliment this Personalised Retreat.

Enjoy playing with Qi, and imbibing Tea in the stunning designated UNESCO Reserve Mountains of Wuyi Shan (Fujian, China) in April 2014. Join Suzanne on the 'Qi, Tea and China’s Stunning Mountains,' for a journey of a lifetime as she takes you to Qi potent and historic Tea rich growing places to practise Qigong /Tai Chi and imbibe and feel the Cha Qi (Tea Qi). Participant numbers limited, so register your interest now.

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Personalised Retreat Holidays can be arranged in other countries besides Japan, China, New Zealand and other than Northern NSW in Australia.

Clinic - Since 1980, Suzanne has been studying, practising and teaching Bodywork/Massage Therapies, Acupuncture, Chinese & Natural Medicine and Lifestyle & Stress Management. Suzanne has been practising Qigong since first studying in China in 1989. She is known as a very experienced Acupuncturist, Bodyworker, Chinese Medicine Practitioner and a caring and joyful teacher. Suzanne has a private practice in Lennox Head.


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