3 Treasures and Six Healing sounds - active set Qigong
6 week course
starts Friday 6 February
9.30 –11 am at Bangalow
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Personalised Qigong Retreats

Lennox Head / Byron Bay
Northern NSW Australia

3 day individual training
for 1 to 3 people.
Every day you will experience
2 @ 1.5 hr Qigong/ Tai Chi/ Meditation sessions
1@ 1.5 hr healing treatment ie Acupuncture, Bodywork/ Massage,
Lifestyle counselling (stress management, dietary concerns etc)
Pre and follow-up phone consultations

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Clinic with Suzanne Rienits

Since 1980, Suzanne has been studying, practising and teaching Bodywork/Massage Therapies, Acupuncture, Chinese & Natural Medicine, Lifestyle & Stress Management and Medical Qigong(Chi Kung). Suzanne has been practising Qigong since first studying in China in 1989, and since, besides Australia she has studied and taught in China, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia and New Zealand. She is known as a very experienced Acupuncturist, Bodyworker, Chinese Medicine Practitioner and a caring and joyful teacher.

In her clinic, she practises Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Massage Therapies, Bodywork, Tui-na, Moxibustion, Cupping, Qigong, Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Health Education, Stress Management, Exercise, Dietary and Lifestyle Counselling, Tai Chi, Meditation and Breathing techniques and other Complementary Therapies.

She also worked as an Acupuncturist for twelve years in a local Womens’ Health Centre, and is very familiar with a wide range of issues and conditions that are specific to women.

An approach to Health
A wholistic approach encompasses the view that the body, mind, emotions and spirit are inter-connected. One of the strengths of Chinese Medicine is its understanding of these dynamic relationships and  the recognition of patterns of imbalance. Thus all treatments by Suzanne are individualised, whether you have a digestive, muscular/skeletal, respiratory, gynaecological problem or pain, stress-related or any other condition and/or group of symptoms.

Treatments are also very effective in increasing vitality and optimising the wellbeing of people who are generally healthy.

Clinic Information
Clinic times are by arranged appointment only.
Before and after business hours or on weekends can sometimes be available.  Phone  (02) 6687 5636.

What is a Chinese Medicine session?
Chinese Medicine uses a number of techniques to diagnose what imbalances are occurring in the individual, so besides some personal details, information is gathered at the beginning by asking, listening, observing and palpating relevant areas.

Discussion of the findings follows with negotiation on appropriate methods (eg Acupuncture) for treatment of the presenting condition and then given.

If you want, your session with Suzanne can also include information on living practices such as incorporating exercise, breathing and Qigong practices, herbal use, diet modification, postural body usage, exploring your mental/emotional outlook and lifestyle or using Acupoints at home.
If you choose to include any of these suggestions in your daily life, you will find yourself gaining and sustaining a healthy balance quicker. 

Check-ups, Wellness sessions and private Qigong/Tai Chi/ Meditation classes, generally include relevant techniques/ strategies that are offered above.

History of Teaching
From 1987 to 2004 Suzanne has been a Founder, Director and Principal of The Way College of Oriental Therapies & Bodywork, The Way School of Massage Therapies and Place of Healing / Place of Learning in Lismore and Byron Bay. She has written, taught and supervised in modules such as: Tuina (Chinese massage), Acupressure, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Theory and Diagnostic modules, Meridians, Experiential Body Awareness, Lifestyle and Stress Management, Introduction to Qigong, Introduction to Chinese Dietary Therapy, Women’s Health Bodywork, Introduction to Bodymind and Clinical Supervisor for these subjects.

Prior to this she taught classes in Dance, Conditioning and Creative Vegetarian Cooking.


Suzanne Rienits


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